SPARKULAR Cyclone Fountain Machine

Pris udlejning pr. dag kr. 1500,-

Weekendpris Kr. 2250,-

Ugepris Kr. 3750,-

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SPARKULAR Cyclone is a brand new product with SHOWVEN original technology. It is the amazing spark effect up to 10m and equipped with auto brake system, ensure immediate stop even in max output.
SPARKULAR Cyclone with waterproof design allows shows not interrupted by rain. It is designed for the high demanding professional show market makes it an ideal choice for large shows, concerts, music festival, outdoor events etc..


  • A fireworks display with total control without any explosive content

  • ​The ability to control duration and height

  • ​No Hazardous content to deal with

  • ​Completely Enviromentally Friendly

  • ​Industry first No Smell effect

  • ​Industry first No Smoke effect

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